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As Bud Frederick rides his tractor into retirement he continues to inspire the soul of Frederick Landscaping, a Jackson Wy landscaping company. He created this business in 1976, the same year that I was born. In 1999 I graduated from Clemson University with a degree in Agricultural Mechanization and Agribusiness. When I moved to Jackson Hole in May of 2000 Bud became my boss and mentor. Together we built a relationship that continues to grow well after he has passed his torch on to me.

I acquired Frederick Landscaping in April of 2007 with very few assets and mountains of determination and desire. Bud has continued to be a great asset to the company as he has continued to be involved either as a sub contractor or simply an interested advisor. I have continued to carry the strong reputation that he built for this company with years of quality work and customer service.

We rely on the positive word of mouth from our clients to spread to others as contagious marketing. Frederick Landscaping has the most talented crew of hard working valley residents possible. The small crew works together as a team and we all carry much pride with our final product! It always makes me smile to know that my crew finds as much enjoyment in their work as I do. The mutual respect that we all share helps to separate us from all other companies and makes us truly a specialty in our field. It’s very unique of any town in this country to have a landscaping crew all in their mid thirties and all as highly educated and experienced as us! We all go to work for Jackson Hole Mountain Resort in the winter with the pride of our beautiful accomplishments of the summer on our shoulders.

My favorite aspect of this business is brainstorming with the clients and designing a landscape that is creatively custom for its space. By getting to know each client and what your desires are, I can build a space that will make you smile every time that you’re in it. I want people to enjoy their yard as their “favorite room of the house”! This has also made us stand out as a specialty landscaping company amongst our competitors. We focus solely on the things that we enjoy the most and do the best. I haven’t gotten distracted with trying to grow a maintenance division or trying to grow the business to monopolistic proportions. I’ve followed the same business model that Bud Frederick started in 1976. We focus on quality and customer service. Every project is important to me and it shows. No matter how big or small, it’s the details that matter. I treat everything I do as if my reputation is on the line. I look forward to each new challenge.

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