Hillside Bliss

Perched on a hilltop in downtown Jackson, there is no shortage of amazing views from this yard. The front yard was completed with a stone patio, gardens, fire pit and stream. Stone steps connect this area to the backyard that is ringed with a series of trees and terraces that create natural screening.

Hillside-Bliss-Garden Hillside-Bliss-Garden
Hillside-Bliss-Patio-Firepit- Hillside-Bliss-Patio-Firepit-
Hillside-Bliss-Front-Yard-Patio Hillside-Bliss-Front-Yard-Patio
Hillside-Bliss-Stone-Stair-Walkway Hillside-Bliss-Stone-Stair-Walkway
Hillside-Bliss-Patio-Stream Hillside-Bliss-Patio-Stream
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