Frederick Landscaping offers a wide variety of services to help you create the perfect outdoor space.


We specialize in creating hardscapes with a variety of materials that combine rugged beauty, durability, and functionality.




Water Features

With the amazing wildlife endemic to the area, create your own ‘watering hole’ to attract them to your property and enhance the scenic beauty of your surroundings. No matter your location, we can build a water feature that fits your space.




Plantings & Gardens

Soften your surroundings with gardens, trees, and grasses. We are knowledgeable of the native flora as well as imported options that flourish in our region.


Trees & Shrubs

Grasses & Seed

Go With the Specialists

Frederick Landscaping specializes in a wide variety of landscaping services to help you take your small or large project from design to the finish line. From complete installation for new construction to remodeling your existing space, we can tackle any project.

Additional Services

  • Irrigation

    Our irrigation techs can design and install full systems in anew build or in an existing yard. Our team are experts at maintaining irrigation systems as well as seasonal activations and winterizing.

  • Live Roofs
    Live Roofs

    Discover the aesthetic, social, and environmental benefits of a live roof. Frederick Landscaping is the only Live Roof certified installer in Jackson, Wyoming.

  • Address Markers
    Address Markers

    This statement piece is the first thing many see of a property and we can make yours’s standout. We enjoy designing and building unique, beautiful ones.

  • Riding Arenas
    Riding Arenas

    Let our team design and build your horse riding arena. We are knowledgeable in the best materials available and can create one uniquely tailored to each client’s needs.

  • Reclamation

    We can expertly reclaim areas disturbed to their former self orimproved based on the client’s desires.

  • Pond Maintenance
    Pond Maintenance

    Our pond maintenance division can keep your water feature pristine. We offer weekly, bi-monthly, or monthly schedules to meet the needs of each client and each unique water feature. We use only the best environmentally friendly products and practices.

Get To Know Us

We pride ourselves on building personal relationships with our clients.  See what people have to say about Frederick Landscaping and learn more about our history and our mission.