The stunning views from this Postcard property keep you wanting to spend time in it, while the landscaping enhances your enjoyment of the leisure it provides. The expansiveness of the adjoining lawns between the structures and the seamless flow between them makes you feel as though you could spend all day in the park-like setting.

The team at Frederick Landscaping has worked at this Postcard property throughout the years. Reclaiming and landscaping around the recently built guest house was a favorite project of 2019. We laid sod, created garden beds and planted trees to make the guest house seamlessly blend into this beautiful property.

Postcard-Front-House-Garden Postcard-Front-House-Garden
Postcard-Walkway-Guest-House Postcard-Walkway-Guest-House
Postcard-Trees-Sod-Garden Postcard-Trees-Sod-Garden
Postcard-Back-Yard-Trees-Sod Postcard-Back-Yard-Trees-Sod
Postcard-Pond-West-View Postcard-Pond-West-View
Postcard-Pond-Waterfall-View Postcard-Pond-Waterfall-View
Postcard-Waterfall Postcard-Waterfall
Postcard-Pond-Kid-Play Postcard-Pond-Kid-Play
Postcard-Top-Waterfall-View Postcard-Top-Waterfall-View
Postcard-Waterfall-Close Postcard-Waterfall-Close
Postcard-Walkway-Main-House-1 Postcard-Walkway-Main-House-1
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